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Synedoche Series

series of cutouts of objects - ongoing, 2016 ongoing

This series is an investigation into the language of things and an underlining of the fragmented reality to which you and I are constantly subjected.


Out of the need to bring the environment closer, I made cutouts/portraits of objects that show where my body and its environment meet. Each shape evidences the contours of where my body was in contact with a particular surface. For instance in this case (on the left) it shows the spaces touched when sitting on a chair. Call it an alternative form of documentation, call it an act.


The pieces point to all that is not touched and the impossibility to fully absorb something. -It’s only particles of your loved ones that you can hold.- In the portfolio the cutouts are attached on a wall and presented in the same order of “documenting”. 


Sometimes a cutout is self-contained (like the handportret of a take away coffee p4), sometimes the cutouts are part of -a larger picture- a group (like the full body portret of the living room p7).


The series travels through time and space and results in an ever-expanding collection.

in chronological order:

- chair, 18/01/16, 09:02

- take away coffee- 15/03/16, 09:05

- knee-portret, travel mat, 14/03/16, 07:05

-balloon, 15/03/16, 13:30

-Living room 18/01/16 09:02

chair, 18/01/16, 09:02


chair, 18/01/16, 09:02 (close up)


take away coffee - 15/03/16, 09:05


travel mat, knee-portret 14/03/16, 07:05


balloon, 15/03/16, 13:30

IMG_0754 kopie_edited.jpg

Living room, 18/01/16, 09:02
-from left to right chair, floor, table- 

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